As our family counters the culture to live a less frenzied life, we like knowing we’re not alone. It’s delightful to discover that others are refusing to follow the “more-better-faster” path.

But we don’t often find those people in our neighborhood.

So I love finding slow-down camaraderie and inspiration online.

May I introduce you to some like-minded, slow-down, not-so-fast bloggers?

  1. Aimee of Living, Learning and Loving Simply. Recent examples of Aimee’s slower approach to life include her recently completed Buy Nothing experiment and a post in which she wrote from her heart, sorting through the conflict of driving fast. “I just seem to rush, rush, rush whenever I drive…it’s all catching up with me,” she wrote. “I really want to…figure out why I drive my car and myself so hard. I am so weary of having my default setting being anxiety-driven.”
  2. Sara of Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. Writer, photographer, unschooler, tea drinker, “Happy Foody,” modern nomad, and daughter of the Almighty, Sara and her family live in an RV powered by veggie oil.
  3. Ann of Holy Experience. Slip over to Ann’s blog sometime and find a calm, quiet online oasis where she invites readers to consider quiet thoughts, reflections, and insights flowing from her relationship with Christ. Beautiful photography mingles with poetic words that chronicle her family’s days, as she and her husband raise six kids on their Canadian farm.
  4. Marci of Overcoming Busy. Committed to helping families find resources they need to live a slower life, Marci revamped her website to offer easy access to practical information and inspiration.
  5. Andrea of Flourishing Mother. When I stumbled on Andrea’s blog many years ago, I loved how she processed and revealed her inner struggles, joys and revelations in words. Her posts were short but struck me as the honest journey of a busy mom willing to live differently (slower) in order to have a rich life with her family and a rich faith with the Lord.
  6. Jane Anne of Gravity of Motion. Jane Anne explains in her own words, “[the phrase ‘Gravity of Motion’] reminds me to take inventory of what I am doing day-to-day. If I try to do everything that interests me, my life gets too busy. When I try to do too much, I cannot excel at anything.” She often offers slow-down solutions or insights from her own life. (Side note: she named the boy on the cover of Not So Fast “Henry” in my online naming contest.)
  7. Jennifer of Getting Down with Jesus. From her “About Me” section, Jennifer explains, “I share my unexpected encounters with God in sometimes-crazy, sometimes-serious places. Like the altar … or the bathroom. I explore the ways God does His Thing in the ordinary-ness of life.” But when I arrive at her blog, I find that she is living an attentive life that can only process things the way she does because she slows down and takes time to pray, ponder, and creatively compose her conclusions.

Those are just a few of the people and places I visit. How about you?

Where do you go to find inspiration for living out this slow-down vision in a fast-paced world?

Slow Motion” photo by Eric Wüstenhagen. Available through Flickr via Creative Commons license.

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