The official name-drawing ceremony for the Green Mama giveaway is now complete.

All names were written on squares of paper, folded and placed in the official “slow down” hat:

Name was drawn under strict “no peeking” guidelines to ensure randomness:

The winner, formally announced at 9:59 p.m. (instead of a.m., as originally planned), is Megan of SortaCrunchy!

Congratulations to Megan and a big thank-you to all who entered. Here are the reader ideas:

Mom’s Magic wrote:

We are working on a whole-house paring down – getting rid of the ‘stuff’ that fills up our lives and wastes our time, keeping only useful or very meaningful items. We are spending more time tending to our garden plots and playing in the backyard – enjoying our time together, even if it means the kids are up a little late (yay for summer!). And we are (hopefully) teaching our children lessons about what’s really important.

Beth of Zoo Reflections wrote:

Our kids’ elementary school is considered a “Green School” by our county. They have many things they do to promote energy conservation, recycling, etc. One way, that we also now use at home, is “Power Rangers”. They turn out the lights when you leave the room. Such a small step, but it can save a ton! Recycling is also big with us. The bins are always more full than our trash!

Donna of Doorway to Hope wrote:

“Slowing green” is a great description of what is unfolding in my life:

* My family moved into a community where we can walk to the grocery store and other destinations for errands.

* I planted veggies and herbs in my small yard, which is not treated with pesticides and other products to make it look ‘perfect.’

* We take walks and chat with neighbors and breathe deeply and chat longer and take time for daydreaming…

* We continue to learn about and practice “slowing green.”

Megan of Sorta Crunchy wrote:

Yes, yes, yes! I could not possibly agree more with you, Tracey! For me, creation care absolutely means slowing down and living thoughtfully and intentionally. We don’t have a dishwasher. I always thought I would die without one, but I’ve learned to embrace it. We could somehow wedge one into our 1930s era kitchen, but they suck up SO much energy. I truly enjoy slowing down at the sink to reflect as I wash dishes by hand – and the fact that I am able to control the water and energy usage is a beautiful by-product of that.

Photos by Ann Kroeker © 2010.

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