It was one of those days.

I felt like I was going to scream because I’d been cooped up in the house with a two kids, had a work deadline breathing down my neck, AND could feel a sinus infection coming on.

The day had started pretty well. That morning, seven year-old Jordan, two year-old Jackson, and I were cuddling on the bed and Jordan said, “Jackson is so cute I could die!”

Contented sigh.

I enjoyed it.


And it was all downhill from there. Later that day, Jordan and Jax were playing with markers. At one point, I looked over and Jordan had scribbled “kick me” on Jax’s lower back above his diaper. I had to laugh, but I also had to work at getting the marker off with an unscheduled bath.

As for the newly-tattooed toddler, his day was spent screaming at the top of his lungs, taking off his diaper and laughing hysterically as he ran away from me and repeatedly calling me a “poopyhead”.

I found myself saying all sorts of things that day–phrases I’d never imagined saying before I became a mom…

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Photo of Dena Dyer.

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