Slowing down is easier when we simplify.

One way to simplify is to consolidate.

Recently I simplified my online life by switching my personal/author website from free WordPress to a self-hosted blog.

One reason I did this was to consolidate two sites into one—copying over the Not So Fast material to my cozy new home on the Web. Now you’ll find the main pages from this site organized under a “Not So Fast” navigational button at (a.k.a., “annkroeker.writer.”).

From this point forward, any new posts I compose about slowing down in this fast-paced world will now be published at annkroeker.writer., organized under the “Not So Fast” category. Eventually I’ll copy over all the material here—also using the “Not So Fast” category for easy sorting—and this site will remain accessible, but not very lively.

My faithful Not So Fast readers have tolerated my dry spells with grace. Thank you for your kindness.

When you have a minute, you’re cordially invited to visit me at my new digs.

Photo by Ezran Kamal via stock.xchng. can be found at this link