Not everything could fit inside the book, so this is a place for bonus resources—it serves as a supplement to the book. . . think of it as one of those hidden tracks on an album that you only hear if you keep listening to the CD.

  • Personal Quiet Time & Devotional ideas (referenced in Chapter 12)
    In the Slow Notes at the end of Chapter 12, I directed readers here for suggestions they could try to create a rich time with God. Click on the heading or HERE to read through the list.
  • Family Devotional Resources
    Parents wanting to lead their kids in a daily or weekly family devotional time can explore a wide range of ideas. I’ve tried to group the ideas that are best suited for an age range, but don’t feel limited. Older kids can gain from the simpler approach, and some younger kids can track with more sophisticated topics.
  • Reading Lists (referenced in Chapter 13)
    The Slow Notes in Chapter 13 encourage reading together as a slow, rich family activity. Click on the heading or here to see what books are recommended as read alouds.