speedbumpsign11 You want to just dig in and make some drastic changes. Consider these mega slow-down steps carefully—they will disrupt life as you know it. Some may seem medium, and others may seem out of reach. Remain open-minded to what fits your family or the direction you feel led.

  • Plan, plant, weed, and harvest a garden together as a family.
  • Move close to your school, church, and/or work to minimize commutes.
  • Eat only unpackaged, unprocessed foods at home as a family. Get everybody involved in the preparation.
  • Walk or bike to work and for errands. It might take longer, but you’ll be healthier and go slower.
  • Home-educate your kids, but don’t run all over town signing up for classes.
  • Take a sabbatical and travel with your family. Don’t just cover ground; relish the journey.
  • Downsize to one car. Stay home more, work from home, or bike.

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