Some blogs I’ve discovered that explore the slow life.

  • Living, Learning and Loving Simply: The mother of four children, this mama-blogger has said that her purpose in this stage of life is to love God and others through homemaking and hospitality. Through her kind and positive tone, she offers helpful tips and thoughts as she ponders her simple, slower life.
  • Walk Slowly, Live Wildly
  • Notes from the Frugal Trenches: Mom-blogger in London writes about her simpler life. Includes categories such as how she views downshifting, frugal food, frugal travel, and her No Spending Days.
  • The Sloth Ethic: I suppose there’s such a thing as too slow. Does this blog promote a too-slow life? Tagline reads, “A blog about not getting things done.” But here’s a quote from one of his entries: “[C]ompulsion is the antithesis of the Sloth Ethic way, because part of the beauty of slowing down is that you take control of your own life again, in a world which is endlessly trying to take it from you.”
  • Carl Honore’s blog: Author of In Praise of Slow and Under Pressure, Carl Honore continues to explore where in the world people are speeding up and slowing down.
  • Slow Leadership blog: Offering ideas for returning humanity and and civilizations to organizations (their description).  
  • Slower Living: They seem to have stopped posting in 2008, but the archives remain for curious readers. They write, “Slower Living is moving through life at a pace that lets you enjoy whatever comes along, instead of chasing after what you don’t have and may never achieve…time and attention are essential to proper enjoyment and understanding. If you gobble down your food, you’ll hardly taste it — and you’ll probably suffer from indigestion as well. If you rush headlong through a beautiful garden, you’ll see nothing. If you run as fast as you can allong a path, you may well trip and fall.”
  • These Days in French Life: check out the left column for her recommended reading for launching a slow year. Most are her own posts, but a few point to outside sources.
  • Gravity of Motion published this post of her journey from constant motion to the slower pace of a small town.

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