The author of Not So Fast just survived a whirlwind two weeks of travel. I need to sit down. Catch my breath. I need to employ some slow-down solutions!

All of us—even those who prioritize a simpler, slower life—need reminders to slow down, pause, reflect.

On this site, I’ve offered a list of “Speed Bumps,” which are simple ideas for how we can slow down the pace of our days.

Someone recommended Terry Hershey to me.

On Terry’s Facebook Fan page, he offers daily “Pause Reminders,” much like Speed Bumps. Here’s a sample from today:

PAUSE REMINDER for Today: Write a letter to someone you care about, to say “thank you,” or “I’m glad you are in my life”, or “did you see the clouds today?” With real paper, pen, envelope, and stamp. (I received a thank you letter this week, really, a letter. . .at the post office. “I wanted to send this to you via sn…ail mail,” DM wrote, “as my way of pausing.” It works. And the letter made my week.

Check it out for yourself:

Click HERE for Terry Hershey’s Facebook Fan Page (where I discovered his Pause Reminders).

His main website is HERE.

His blog, HERE.

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