Christian musician Bebo Norman enjoyed a snow day not long ago and wrote about it on his blog, saying, “there’s this little tiny surprise window of freedom in moments like that.  All of the sudden, completely outside of yourself, you’re given back this window of time that was two seconds ago otherwise occupied.  A brand new, unexpected, guilt-free open window.”

He and his family accepted the circumstances and made the most of the situation:

And the truth is, it’s not like we had any grand plans otherwise for the weekend, but the gift was still given.  Or better yet, it FELT like a gift was given.  And so we crawled through our open window and we did what we had not planned to do, which as it turns out, was not much at all.  We kept a fire burning and showed Smith how beautiful snow is…

All that to say, nothing life-changing happened.  Probably would seem pretty boring from the outside looking in.  But the older I get, the more I like “boring,” and I did get a sweet reminder that whenever I happen to get “snowed in” or find myself with an unexpected open window of time, the people inside the walls of this house are exactly who I want to spend it with.

As another snowstorm looms on the radar. I wonder if we, like Bebo and his family, can learn to make the most of any upcoming snow slow days?

Read all of Bebo Norman’s post “Open Window” HERE.

Have your snow days been slow days?

“Snow Tree” photo © 2010 by Ann Kroeker

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