Happy New Year!

Consider slowing down your mind enough during the month of January to participate in Mega Memory Month, a challenge I host over at my personal/author blog.

We devote one month to memorizing something big … something formidable … something mega.

Yet, don’t let the word “mega” scare you off.

Simply select something—a poem, speech, song, or passage of Scripture—that is longer than anything you’ve previously attempted. For some people, it might be two verses from a psalm. For someone else, it might be the Gettysburg Address or the entire book of James.

Some months I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and downsized my goals.

But anything I manage to memorize, no matter how modest, is a gift to myself.

This month, I’m concentrating on a chunk of Colossians. I believe it will be a gift not only to my mind, but also to my soul. You can read about my personal challenge HERE.

Won’t you join me?

Mega Memory Month Headquarters is HERE. It’s where you can read more about it, get ideas for a passage of Scripture you could choose along with helpful tips for how to memorize. It’s also where you can leave your link if you blog (or talk to everyone in the comments).

Our minds can hold more than we think they can … if we slow down enough to give them a chance.

Dove ornament photo © 2009 by Ann Kroeker.

Mega Memory Month January 2010 has returned!

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