sand thank you

Over at my personal blog, I encourage readers to slow down and give thanks—not only this week or this Thursday, but regularly … all through the year.

The habit of giving thanks is a slow-down solution that can change our lives.

Thank you for joining me in seeking a slower lifestyle.

My hope is that this site becomes a place where you can keep up with research, studies, books, blogs and articles pertaining to slowing down.

More than anything, I hope we can learn to rest in the Lord, trusting in Him at all times.

Giving thanks to our Father through Christ Jesus is a way to grow in our understanding of who He is and how He works in the world and our lives. It’s a way to be in relationship with Him.

This week, as we try to slow down with family and friends to share a meal together, I hope we can all find ways to give thanks.

Give thanks to the LORD for he is good;
his love endures forever (Psalm 107:1)

Image by: Gisela Giardino.Giving Thanks,” 23 Nov. 2006. Flickr. Web. 23 Nov. 2009. <; (All sizes of this photo are available for download under a Creative Commons license.)

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