L.L. Barkat hosts Poetry Friday at Seedlings in Stone and Random Acts of Poetry (RAP) every other Friday at HighCallingBlogs.

The poetry prompt she provided that some participants utilized was as follows:

Poetry prompt: We’ve been celebrating ’slowing.’ Make a “word pool” of at least five slow words. Yeah, I guess molasses counts. But verbs are good too. Create a poem using a minimum of one of your slow words, but feel free to use the whole pool.

At RAP, she featured poems that recognize the “blessing of being ‘slowed.'”

Click over to read through some of the words.

You’ll find yourself sitting quietly.



You may find yourself

being slowed.

Enjoy the rhythm


and restful pace that

each voice offers.

L.L. recommends starting  daily poetry reading habit and…

a daily poetry writing habit.

Whether reading or writing it daily or weekly,

poetry is a wonderful way to slow down.

Photo of a boy in a hammock by Ann Kroeker.
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