I realized a series on learning to see would benefit our slowing, so I launched the first post, entitled “Seeing Lessons,” with suggestions for looking at art.

If we’ve been in the habit of hurry, we need input from those who remind us to slow and to see … to see and let it slow us.

For the next few “seeing lessons,” I wanted to point you to some people who do just that; by living with eyes open and alert to the beauty all around, they provide inspiration and guidance, serving as slow-down mentors.

The first mentor I’d like to introduce you to is Ann Voskamp. Ann produces sight-full posts at Holy Experience. Her photography helps me see the ordinary as extraordinary, the presumably ugly as beautiful, the simple as exquisite.

Her words help me see the song in the stillness, the poem in the porridge, the prayer in those moments I might otherwise disregard as meaningless. As she says far more beautifully than I ever could (excerpted from “The Plan” found at the bottom of her posts):

…stringing sheets out on the line…

I’m praying to slow and see
the sacred in the chaos,
the Cross in the clothespin,
the flame in the bush.

Just a bit of listening, laundry, liturgy … life.

Ann is a mentor for these things (and more): listening, learning, praying, giving, loving, forgiving, writing, and learning to see.

I dug up some of her thoughts on learning to see that she posted two years ago.

Visit Holy Experience and let Ann take you by the hand to lead you to quiet, honest, pensive places where you will feast your eyes and fill your soul.

Let her help you slow and see.

(Photo of son’s eyes taken by Ann Kroeker © 2009)

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