My friend Jane invited me to record a podcast and submit a guest post for her Only By Prayer blog.

So that’s where you’ll find me today on the World Wide Web–at Only By Prayer. Education is the topic she’s focusing on this month, so I wrote about it with a “slow-down” focus.

Here’s an excerpt:

When it comes to my children’s education, I certainly want them to do their best academically. I expect them to work hard and develop discipline, gain knowledge and develop skills. But at the heart of their education—at the core of everything—I want them to live lives fully devoted to the Lord. I want our day-to-day activity to involve conversation, dialogue, and ongoing discussions about what it means at a practical level to love the Lord with everything in us. And when I’m living in high-speed mode, chaotic and hectic, it’s very difficult to make this a natural part of our interaction.

Shortly after that section, I veered a bit from the education theme and headed more toward the greatest commandment. Well, you’ll see…

To read the post, CLICK HERE.

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